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Become a WealthWorld Fanatic and Get Paid!

INCREASE: Now Earn 50% on the First Tier and 10% on the Second Tier!

We have a very simple comp plan: Get paid 50% of all sales PLUS 10% on the 2nd Tier. That includes any monthly subscriptions, events, coaching, courses which could grow into a nice residual income for you and your family (FOR LIFE!)  AND Unstoppable Sponsoring is GETTING RAVE REVIEWS!

We’ve been building downlines and creating massive duplication for over 25 years now!  We know how to recruit and sponsor.    We focus on three core ingredients:  Commissions, Traffic, and Training.

With WealthWorld, you can create an extra income by sharing our life-changing products and events with the millions of people who are searching for their lives by taking control of their money.  And when they do the same, you earn an additional 10%.

How about having more free time for yourself and your family? The time and money to travel whenever you want? And the peace of mind knowing that you have a growing residual income that can continue to pay you for years to come?  Let’s get serious for one second.  Who is making all the money in Network Marketing?  It’s those who provide training and tools for their own downline.   Not only do they get paid a commission on the tools and training, their downline starts to duplicate and do the same.  Your network marketing commissions start to increase while you get paid to build it.  It’s that simple.

We treat your customer as our own and do all of the work to support everyone you refer to us. Then, we pay you a commission on every purchase made by the people you refer no matter how long they remain customers or how many products and events they purchase over the coming years.

Best of all, WealthWorld uses the power of Network Marketing to pay you to build an organization of motivated people who want to share our products and services with others.

As the people you bring into WealthWorld share our products and events with others, you can get paid on their efforts, as well as your own. With our extraordinary compensation plan, you have the opportunity to create a substantial full-time income simply by sharing our products and opportunity with others.

  • Do you know any beauty consultants, juice distributors, or card promoters?
  • How about anyone who would like to make more money?
  • What about someone who wants to be able quit their job and retire sooner?
  • Or how about someone who wants to live a better, more fulfilling life on their own terms?

If you said, “Yes” to any of these questions, then you can make money by simply referring those people to our products and our powerful income opportunity.

And, if you catch our vision, and become a leader of your own growing team of Associates, we’ll reward you with additional bonuses, adventure vacations, special recognition, and bigger referral commissions.

With WealthWorld, you can “Do Well, By Doing Good”.

The WealthWorld Compensation Plan

The purpose of any compensation plan is two-fold:

First, to define the amount of compensation that you, a WealthWorld Affiliate, can earn from any given volume of business or level of performance.
Second, to serve as a guide for your goals, to help you set realistic and achievable benchmarks for building your business.


However, we spent considerable time, money, and energy to develop a state-of-the-art compensation plan that will do much more.

As a WealthWorld Affiliate, you can expect our compensation plan to also:

Allow you, as a new Affiliate, to make meaningful income immediately. Our goal is to pay you a significant commission within a very short time after joining our team as an Associate.

Provide a simple, duplicatable system for you to follow, step-by-step, that will allow you to stay qualified and “in the money”. The easier we can make it for you to profit as an Associate, the more likely you are to succeed. And your success is our success.

Enable you to create a serious business, if you choose to do so, and be rewarded on your efforts, as well as on the efforts of your team members.

Our compensation plan was designed to pay you a profit on every product sale, as well as referral commissions and bonuses from the sales made by your team members.


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